Sunday, 21 December 2008

Updated Schematics

Call it an early Christmas present - the Schematics & resources pages have been updated to the latest possible version I could find. If you knew how long I have been wanting to do this for, you probably wouldn't be anywhere close.

I am calling this the first step in a long journey. The site is knackered, old, creasing at the seams, but still it stands. And if your reading this, then its still in use - so Thank You!

So apart from long time promises from months back, all I can say is I am still here, I am getting back on track, and if there is one thing I seriously promise, when I relaunch this site, it will come with more goodies then you can shake a stick at!

For now, in case I don't post again, Happy Christmas from the SD team, may Santa et al. bring everything you have ever dreamed of!

Take care,

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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Been busy...

You may have noticed, the sites not a little outdated? All hell broke recently, and I am still working through the backlog, but I am managing and soon be back on my feet.

All in all, I will be doing a complete re-launch of the site when its back up to date, and with some exciting new features!

More soon, don't want to give it all away now :)