Friday, 2 May 2008

Updated Again!

See, told you I would be doing more when the dissertation was completed. Have a look at the Schematic Pages to see what I have done.

Engineering Items have been incorporated with thanks to Wolfje for the spreadsheet which this data is based on. Engineering items are highlighted yellow in the components section, whilst derbies are highlighted yellow in the resources section. Also added a whole list of components required for a schematic - thought it would be useful :)

I am confident it is 100% correct as of this post time, but if you see any mistakes please let me know.

This also means that if you find one of these, you can search to see what it belongs to. Working on a better buying pages, more info as I have any :)

Take care all! All comments welcome - I am a coder, not a designer. If I don't get any feedback nothings going to change!



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