Wednesday, 9 October 2013

This site is not going anywhere :)

Hey all,

Just had my domain and site renewal in today, and even though I haven't updated this site in a scary number of years, I have decided to renew for another 2 years :)

There are a number of reasons for this, mainly because I want to experiment with new HTML5 features, new frameworks, and also expand Shields Down into new games.

Not only that, but also that I now have my own personal server sitting at home, and a new broadband line being installed this week (76Mb down, 20Mb up). This allows for a serious amount of flexibility of hosting new -things- and services. (Excluding hosting my own game servers, something I've wanted to do for oh-so-long!).

So this site is not going to disappear. When I get time, I will update this with the new framework, with the new user-editable pages, but alas, time is short for me at the moment.

So this will all happen one day. I'm nto sure when, but one day :)

Have a good one!



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