Wednesday, 13 August 2008

so many things... so little time

Hey all,

Been a tad bit busy recently with a holiday, new job, new car, selling an old car, killing a wasps next and having an operation on my wizdom teeth, all in a very short time.

With that happening, strange things have been happening to Shields Down, - I got a clump of emails in one day dating back 14 days+ (and I check it regularly). likewise, a bot has got access to my email address which is causing havok on my mail filters. I'm processing them all, so anyone who has sent an email i will be in contact with. Meanwhile, I am in the process of creating an intellegent system to filter spam and real messages, should have it operational soon.

There are a lot of withdraw requests (and i see the main lottery was won - well done :) ) - again I have only just been notified so I will sort that out soon.

I am trying to find more hours in the day, and I will find a schedule I can work to. In the mean time the site is not dead, I am not dead and will be back in action soon.

Call this period an 'extended unscheduled' holiday - I'm sure you understand.

Take care all - I'll update soon.


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