Thursday, 10 July 2008

And back, but backlogged

Hey all, back from my holidays today - been unpacking and getting everything back to how it was before I went away.

Having some severe PC problems at the moment, ranging from random reboots to hal.dll failures. Its strange how a PC can break from being off-line for a fortnight, might be its way of telling me not to go away again!

I have a backlog of emails, and with the Pc problems its slow process of getting them actioned and replied. I am running through them, so please expect a reply in the next few days, if not today.

Right, I am needing to run into town to get a compressed air canister, and a XP recovery CD - one thing I hate about commercial PC's is it only comes with there recovery CD's - no good if you want to get into the XP recovery console. Joys.

Hopefully be fixed soon - Might get a new PSU whilst I am at it - the random reboots are at the same time that the fans loose a bit of power. Chucked on some loggers, see if it is a faulty PSU that's causing the problems.

Back soon,