Thursday, 17 April 2008

Doctor.. the backbone.. its.. its... [edit]

Yea, backbones being rejected.. with the recent additions of VP, the backbone is no longer valid for the site.

Its not as serious as before... but its on the same lines...

On the flip side, I have 11,100 words done on my min. 10,000 word dissertation, so its soon to be finished.

As soon as its done, it is the first thing on my list. Promise.

Right, back to the Design stage.......


Decided to edit this post rather then create a new one. Don't ask why, just thought it would be easier.
Update to the schematics - finally got around to adding the Engineering items into the schematics. That was the easy part. The hard part is getting the debris integrated so its separate from the components, but is still as important. I am probably going to get another drop section for engineering items, but that needs more coding. As someone with a large stick is poking me every time I look away from my dissertation, its not easy... (he went for a coffee, giving me time to do this!)

So, at the moment the engineering items are classified as Resources. This is so it appears on all the schematics so you know how much you need. I will keep you up to date on the engineering items.

Right, being poked again... guess its back to work for the 40th day in a row. Man I miss socialising :(


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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

My time is short

Dissertation. All I have to say really, a 10,000 word dissertation that is taking up all my time, and stopping me from doing the things I love - coding. Although the dissertation required an application (notice the past tense), the technical document to follow is a PITA. Woo for me.

I do have plans for getting the crafting section back under control. I know there have been a lot of changes that I have not posted, and as such use it with caution for now. As soon as its updated, I wil be screaming and shouting about it here and on the forums.

So, watch this space, and the CE forums. More info soon :)