Monday, 25 February 2008

NEW FEATURE! Item Details


We all know what the CEDR is a good little tool in game. It gives the basic information on all the items, along with some of the required information for players. See, this is good, but it can be better. And once again, Shields Down goes that extra step just for you.

Introducing the Item Details page. Not only does it have more information on the pages, but it also able to sort depending on the header that you want it to! Want to know the most damaging weapon? The least energy consuming cargo expander? Its all there, and more. Head on over to the tools tab, or click this link to be taken there instantly.

More information will be added at a later stage, but I am currently in the process of integrating this new data into the rest of Shields Down. As you may have noticed, and with my previous post, most the items are not displaying on the Player Market. This is the first stage to getting them listed. The only problem is that the old data and old table layout was referenced in all the major pages. Needless to say, this means re-coding all of those pages, and its not going well at the moment.

More updates as I get them!


Footnote: Just read Ctrl Alt Del and it split my sides in laughter. Worth a look!


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