Monday, 26 April 2010

Deposits Online

Deposits are back online.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

New Schematics & The Truth...

As some of you will know, a whole bunch of new schematics have been created in Core Exiles. Seeing as such a major change was put into play, I stopped working on my new site and decided to concentrate on getting my schematic pages updated. Through blood, sweat and tears, it has been done.

The one downside is the categoriser that identifies the schematics and places them into a group was edited for my new web page and is incompatible with the old site. This means the majority of the new schematics are in a group called 'Unknown'. I will slowly make my way through them one at a time, but please be patient whilst this is done. The new web site will add a community theme, allowing you to suggest if a schematic belongs in another group (or even shared between groups). In the mean time might I suggest searching for a schematic in the top right section of the site?

I'm talking a lot about my new site - but unfortunately I don't have much to show you at the moment. If your interested, I'm building up a new framework first before adding the skin and colours. Because of this all you would see is an unusable dump of debugging information (unless you're a geek like me...). For that I apologise but please follow this blog if you want to be kept up to date. I'm also on Twitter (shieldsdown).

On another note, my current method of placing these news articles onto my site is about to change - currently I'm using Blogger and transferring the files across to here, but due to a system change this is not going to be possible(1st May). I should have a new system in place by then, but I would recommend following my Twitter account to be updated on this just in case its delayed.

Finally, I know I have been away and neglected this site far worse that it & any of you deserve. The fact that even in such a huge absence you are still here, reading this post, looking at my schematics pages and still giving positive feedback on it, makes me realise I really don't deserve you lot. Truthfully, I honestly thought I had left it so bad that none of you would be here, that it would be a throw away job when the domain name expired. You guys are amazing, and thank you all for still being here.

I forgot how much I enjoyed coding for my site, I forgot how fun it was to produce useful, meaningful tools that will help players develop and expand their knowledge and use of Core Exiles. I hope this continues for a long time, and that Shields Down will be with you all the way.

Thanks again all,


Shields Down

PS I have changed my mail's spam filter (I got very concerned that I have not had an email for a a year and a bit). Appears the old filter was feeding them into a blackhole never to be seen again. My new filter is producing emails that I need to answer which were previously spammed out, but good news is the contacts page is back online. Please feel free to contact me.

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Expect Disruption - Complete

Hi all,

I'm about to launch a serious update to the Shields Down schematics pages. Unfortunately this update could potentially cause disruption to the user crafters page, players resources may go missing or be reallocated. I will attempt to keep the disruption to a minimum, but if you are working on any major projects (with manually entered values) I would seriously consider postponing the use of the tool until this upgrade has been completed.

I have backups of all the relevant databases so if something does go wrong, give me a shout and I'll restore it for you.

I'll keep you updated and let you know when the update has been completed.

This is the note to say the relevant pages have been updated and you can use the site normally again. Thanks :)

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Outage fixed

Account creations should be back online - drop me an email if this is not the case.

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Outage - Account Creation


I am currently working on a new blog post but this is marked as important.

It appears attempting to crate a new account is currently causing a 'CRITICAL ERROR' and to contact an admin. Unfortunately the admin is currently away from his desk, but will be able to look at this problem in the evening (GMT).

Further news to follow along with a new, more detailed blog post.


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