Saturday, 16 August 2008

My Bad...

Hey all,

Currently in Starbucks near my local town. Plan was to take my laptop
and do some work out here whilst I wait for someone to finish work.
Foolishly fotgot to pack it, stupid me. So, no updates his morning,
just a little insight as I am bored out of my mind.

Let's start with planning, something to wet your tastebuds. It's no
secret I have not been about much, and the time I have been about I
had hardware failures - all fixed now, moved away from an svn server
and running it on my localhost. If/when my personal server comes back
online I'll use it as a backup rather then the main content machine.
So, what is planned? First I have a reverification of all existing
content: some of it I'd missing, wrong or currupt. Any help on that
would be awarded :) (HINT)

Next is for new content. I have something I am calling a "secret game"
in construction. Basically you pay ingame credits for a board, and
weekly using a secret calculation it works out how many points you get
for that board. It can edit elements, rotate pieces etc. It's "secret"
as you don't know how the score is worked out. Prizes weekly, monthly
and special occasions. You don't have to wait for the work out to
play, single player will be available. More soon.

Second is one that's already created, but needs tweaking- Slot
machine! Last time my so played it, SD won 1 billion credits in 24
hours. Good news for me, but unfair for you lot. Some tweaking needed
me thinks.

Third, incorporating a new game to Shields Down. If you have a game
(large, small etc) let me know by posting a comment below (click title
to get to comment screen). It will have all the same games in,with
help tools And looking towards inter game trading!! Should be fun.

Forth, Market alerts. If you are after something, and someone puts it
on the pm at a price you are looking for, you will get an email about
it! Simple, plain and maybe your shouting about th GBM - if someone
gas a large request for 10,000 of something, but if want 10 this tool
should help.

Fifth, signiture tools for forums. I am in discussions with Core
Exiles and Transporter Tycoon to see if I can obtain a players
statistics (with the players permission), creating a dynamic pup
signiture so you can add it to core exiles fouls, transported forums
or any others you want. Facebook, myspace, the list goes on.

Sixth, newsletters. You may have noticed that in your settings you get
automatically added to tne mailing list. To keep it all legal,
everyone will be emailed to confirm you want to be added. Anyone who
doesn't will have to change that setting. Newsletter will include
important information, latest news and compertitions. I would strongly
advise signing up for it, the first compettition will be a very big

Right, wasted an hour and a half in starbucks, almost time to pick
people up. Again, sorry to people with withdraw requests, they will be
done when I get home.

Tell you one thing though, I love this iPhone. Amazing what a small
device can do
Take care all,

Robinb on iPhone, so forgive the mistakes!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

so many things... so little time

Hey all,

Been a tad bit busy recently with a holiday, new job, new car, selling an old car, killing a wasps next and having an operation on my wizdom teeth, all in a very short time.

With that happening, strange things have been happening to Shields Down, - I got a clump of emails in one day dating back 14 days+ (and I check it regularly). likewise, a bot has got access to my email address which is causing havok on my mail filters. I'm processing them all, so anyone who has sent an email i will be in contact with. Meanwhile, I am in the process of creating an intellegent system to filter spam and real messages, should have it operational soon.

There are a lot of withdraw requests (and i see the main lottery was won - well done :) ) - again I have only just been notified so I will sort that out soon.

I am trying to find more hours in the day, and I will find a schedule I can work to. In the mean time the site is not dead, I am not dead and will be back in action soon.

Call this period an 'extended unscheduled' holiday - I'm sure you understand.

Take care all - I'll update soon.


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