Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Linkin Park Digi Pack (29/1) Arrived!

Finally. Just received the Digi pack for the Tuesdays edition of the Linkin Park O2 arena show. Sounds blimmin amazing! Just wish I went now :( I could pretend to rock out in my room, put the music to the red line, and see how many minutes to midnight I can last until the police are called..... Now that's an idea!

Well, got all my exams out the way. Got the last piece of coursework complete. So, overall, in a good state. Tidying my room at the moment, and then working on my final year project. Should be good!

My first result - and the one that caused me to miss the concert. 75% :D so thats another step to getting a decent grade. Was it worth it? Still playing in my mind. Listening to the concert... I have no idea.

The content of the digi pack was a little disappointing. All the songs are on there that were done - thats cool. You got 2 digital albums, so thats cool again. No movie though. I honestly thought there was going to be a video of them - ah well. For however much it was, its like buying the album again.

In the desperation of seeing Linkin Park live, I did a text to Textperts, see if there was any back info. No chance - nothing scheduled, nothing released. They advised me to set up an email alert with TicketMaster - so I have done. My main email account, the one band.

Ah well, at least the exam went well. I just don't want to compare the fun levels of them both...


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