Thursday, 24 January 2008

In The End - it doesn't really matter... does it?

Call me selfish. Call me greedy. Call me whatever you want after this - doesn't change the fact of what has happened.

I had Linkin Park Standing Tickets for Tuesday - O2 Arena - my favourite band, my favourite place, my favoutite area. Like a dream come true when I caught them before the Tuesday's concert was announced. Purchased them without a doubt of hesitiation, and I was excited.

But, I am a uni student. I have Finals exams in a 4 week period around that. I carried on, didn't cancel them with the risk that an exam could make me not go. I would have been ok if the exam on wed.morning, or tues.evening. Actually know I could not go for a fact.

But what happens when the exam is on the Tuesday Morning, and Wednesday Evening?

I could take the exam, head to london for the day, and be back on Wednesday in time for the exam. Nice, quick, easy. That was, until I thought about it too much.

You see, these exams are hard - Fuzzy Logics and Database Systems. Revision wasn't going well, and in the end, I decided that I would need to revise, or if I went, I would be knackered for the Wednesday exam. Put all of it together, and I decided I couldn't risk it. I sold them, face value, and they are now out of my possession.

I was told never look back on things you might regret. Only thing is, I can't stop thinking I could have gone. All the arguments, all the risk, and I am beginning to think I chose the wrong path. The deciding point for me selling them, thinking about it again, was that I would presume that they would tour England again. This time when I am in real work, or even better, during a week where I have nothing that I am needed for.

I guess I am doubting that they will return. They have been a great band, and I can't see them splitting up. Its.. well.. When are they going to return? Next year? 2 years time? Will they disappear under new record signings?

Will I ever see them live?

If I knew I could not go - I would not be thinking this. The fact that I could have gone is killing me.

But still, its only a concert. The tickets are gone. In the end, it doesn't really matter. Just hope I can actually nail these exams to prove to myself that I could not have gone.

Like I say, call me selfish. Call me spoilt. A lot of people who wanted to go didn't get tickets, I was lucky enough to get some in time.


Friday, 18 January 2008

Shields Down First Post

The first post to separate the post from the general overview with relevant information.